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PCC Members


History of The PCC

The Polish Community Center was organized on October 2, 1932 under the name of The Polish Democratic Club of Albany, NY. The first meeting was held in the Church of St. Casimir with fifty-four members present. The organizers were: Stephen Strzesiewski, Thomas Murawski, Waclaw Winnowski, Anthony Witkowski and John J. Chmielewski. Initially, meetings were held at 147 Northern Boulevard and 335 Clinton Avenue. The purposes of thc Club were to acquaint persons of Polish and Slavic origin with the advantages of citizenship; provide assistance in obtaining naturalization documents; retain their traditions and culture; promote social, athletic and recreational facilities and encourage good fellowship amongst the members and their families.

In November 1942, the club purchased a building on 288 Sheridan Avenue planned as their permanent quarters. With each successive year, the club increased in membership and expanded its activities thus making additional facilities a necessity. Renovation and expansion was initiated and an enlarged building was opened on May 26, 1956.

Within the following years, the realization that the facilities were inadequate, six acres were purchased on Washington Avenue Extension. Ground breaking for the home of the future PCC, took place in 1972 under the guidance and excellent leadership qualities provided by the members of the Clubs administration. The grand opening of this magnificent structure took place on June 2nd, 1973.

The current building features one of the largest ballrooms in the Capital District. And with its spacious facilities, the club has become a focal point for various cultural and social activities, especially our popular Polka dances. The Club’s 1975 Dance Schedule indicates that dances, featuring the popular polka bands of that time were held every Saturday or Sunday of the entire year, with the exception of Holy Saturday, April 29th of that year.

In October of 1978, plans were initiated regarding the building of an outdoor pavilion. The beginning of construction took place in the Spring of 1980 and the grand opening took place in July, followed a year later with the addition of a kitchen and bar. A picturesque gazebo located on the lawn of the pavilion was donated in 1991 by a member in memory of her husband.

Throughout the enduring years, numerous events were held such as the annual Summer Polka-Fest; Andrzejki (St. Andrews Day); Holiday Polka Dance; traditional Wigilia-Oplatek; New Year’s Eve; and monthly Polish-American Buffet. In April 2010, a memorial service was held at The Club in the presence of His Excellency, Howard J. Hubbard, Bishop of Albany, and other clergy, in honor of the plane crash victims in Smolensk which included the President of Poland, as well as a Beatification Service for Pope John Paul II, in May of 2011. Our most recent renovation project included the naming of our ‘Polonaise Ballroom’.

Bingo is held on Tuesday evening for members as well as the general public and the Club is grateful for the time and efforts given by the members to maintain this social activity.

The Ladies’ Auxiliary

Was organized in September of 1933, and co-founded by; Elizabeth Rainka, Esther Grala and Josephine Strzesiewski. Whereby measuring the succcess’ that the Club has enjoyed throughout these past 75 years, the untiring efforts and contributions of the members of the Auxiliary stand out as equal partners with the male membership in sharing their honors and achievements. Current PCC membership totals 122 members which includes both men and women. The Ladies’ Auxiliary comprises 58 members.

In honor and celebration of its 75th Anniversary, the Club held a gala dinner-dance at The PCC on Saturday, October 27, 2007. And again, celebrated its 80th Anniversary with a grand gala on Saturday, April 14, 2012.


Henry Mazur
Ewa Synowiec
Recording Secretary
Theresa Bunk
Tomasz Metrak
Financial Secretary
Janina Kowalik
Charene Norton

Board of Directors

William Pecak
Andrey Stefaniak
Wanda Pawlak
David Kwiatkowski
Eugeniusz Leoniak
Paul Rudzinski

Want to become a member of the Polish Community Center?

Come to one of our meetings held on the first Monday of every month (except July and August each year or in the event of a Monday holiday or inclement conditions, the meeting will be rescheduled for the following Monday), beginning at 7:00pm and held in Albany, NY at The Polish Community Center located at 225 Washington Ave. Extension, Albany, NY, 12205. Get to meet with many of our interesting members and become sponsored to be inducted into our Club. As a Polish-American member, you can join within a great culture, have discount benefits to all of our great events and participate as an active member to all of our causes. Yearly registration fee is $25.00.

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